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Unique Services & Activities

Walk - In or Appointment

Everything's being layered in this fall!

Come & Linger With  Enchanting Community

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On The
catered from 
the lovely ladies at 
The Gypsy Lace Cafe 


Image by Emily Bauman
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Sit back and relax in our 
cozy seating area while
you & your friends
take turns trying out all the fun new walk-in 


"A Perfect Brew"

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When you visit our Sanctuary you’ll experience
the benefits of salt therapy.

In our unique & meditative micro-climate, we provide 45-minute therapeutic & restorative sessions to alleviate symptoms related to allergies, arthritis, respiratory ailments, skin conditions & stress. 

Our salt room offers the opportunity to breathe anti-viral, anti-bacterial, clean air, which promotes overall wellbeing & relaxation.


Astro Reports

Zero Gravity

Amethyst Biomat

Recline back in a zero gravity chair

& breathe in the Himalayan Salt being blown though the air1

You will be relaxed, de-stresed & your breathing will be eased.

Limit of 6

So Tranquil!

Lie on a mat  of Amethyst Crystals heated to 135 degrees of

Far InfraRed heat.

Soothing, Warming & Deeply Penetrating, this Crystal Heat will  ease your body & soothe your soul.

Limit 2 

So Relaxing!

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  • The personality, talents, and traits of a person

  • Compatibility of friends or romantic partners

  • Your Spiritual Path

  • Karmic and Past Life Reports

  • And more!

$25 per report

Aura Imaging

Zero Gravity available for walk-in 
during Friday & Saturday Afternoon Retail hours.

Biomat by Appointment during Retail Hours

Come and see what your energy looks like by experiencing

Aura Photography! 

This  unique experience  is absolutely perfect for those looking

to learn about energy by understanding their Aura.

You'll walk away with an aura photograph and/or imaging report

with detailed information.

We capture your aura through a bio-sensor that gathers information in real time and creates informative charts and graphs to assist you in

better understanding your

Aura, Personality,  Chakras & Your Energy.

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Exact birth time & location are necessary for accuracy!

Buy a 1 month/ 4 session
Pass for 100

$35 / Detailed report

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$20 / Simple Photo pamphlet

Aura Imaging Session
Watch your energy fluctuate in real time.  
Experience how different
Crystals, Smells, Sounds & Thoughts
effect your energy field!

Solo/ $100 / 60 min 

Group Sessions $

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Natural henna has been used as a body adornment on hair, skin and nails for over 9,000 years! Earliest records show it's use in Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, Persia & the Middle East as well as India and even into

Europe & Northern Asia.

Today it's a fun way to adorn yourself with temporary, beautiful 

designs & intentional symbols.

As Henna lasts at most 2 weeks, it's a short term way to

express yourself through body art without a long term commitment!

Henna Back Tattoo

Designs range from:
$5 - $25

Currently Saturdays only


We are all here for a reason, 

but sometimes we need a little extra help by looking at things

from a different perspective.  

Tap into your own subconscious 

thoughts & gain insight to your

own inner truth!


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* 20 minute *
* chakra Meditations *

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Sometimes life is hard and we just 
need a short break to reset.
Relax & lie  back on a
cozy ergonomic cushion in the 
Terracotta Retreat Room.
Listen to the sounds & frequencies
that will help soothe & balance the 
Chakra related to where your
current stress lies.



Want your own signature scent?

Together you and Carrie can

custom blend based on

how you want to 

smell, feel & what 

intentions you want to set.

Your recipe is kept on file to 

to replicate in the future.


Add Crystals & Herbs to deepen 
intention setting:

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20 min / $20

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Let the Stars give you some guidance!

Over 20 pages of deep, personal insight!