Consult with Carrie, a Reiki Master, to get your own Intentional Crystal Pendant Necklace created.  

Sit with Carrie, discuss your emotions & feelings, your situation & what intention you are wanting to set with your pendant.  

There is power in telling your story and choosing where it will go next.  Going through the process of choosing to make a change is very powerful! 

Carrie will then intuitively pick out just the right stones for you and will place them in the Himalayan Salt Sanctury to both Ceanse & Charge them in the Negative Ions.  They then will be further charged up with healing Reiki energy and then bathed in frequencies from the crystal singing bowl that resonates with the Chakra(s) your intention is associated with.  

You will then be shipped your necklace in a gift box that includes a personalized print out  that lists your crystals & how each will be helping you with your personal intention.  

Take charge of your energy!

Personalized Power Jewelry

  • After Purchasing, direct message the business- either through the message feature on this site, through FB or email - to get your appointment set up.