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My Mission

"Nature itself is the 
best physician."

- Hippocrates - 

At Under The Elder Tree, I'm focused on providing

educated, friendly, safe products & services

that you can feel secure about. 

I'm Carrie Eller  LMT, BCTMB,

Certified Aromatherapist,

Herbalist , Reiki Master,

Aura Reader

& the owner & founder.

Since I learned to read, I spent my childhood 

devouring my Grandmother's books on 

Alternative & Natural Healing, Medical Textbooks

& my Father's EMT training manuals.

The Paradox bookstore supplied me with hundreds

of medical & healing books.

Traditional Remedies, Anatomy & Physiology,

Psychology, Nutrition, Healing & Spirituality

all overlap and meld together to bring 

about whole body healing.  

And it is all so fascinating to me!

My own poor party lifestyle choices in young adulthood

led to some pretty significant health crises in my body.

It was then that I started putting

my knowledge to work on my self. 

The healing results gave me 

the confidence to want to start helping others.

My upbringing instilled a strong belief 

that "We are our brother's keeper" &

" to whom much is given, much is required".

It was only right that my compulsive need to 

amass all this knowledge be put to 

use helping others! 


I've been practicing Massage Therapy since 2001

and my lifetime of study & random courses,

led me to opening

Under The Elder Tree in Spring of 2014.

I  have come to know well

the ailments & body complaints

that the people of the Valley

tend to suffer from.


I've worked hard to safely 

bridge the gap between the Allopathic Medicine

you are already utilizing & 

the Natural herbal remedies you would like to try. 

It's extremely important to know 

what prescriptions & supplements you are on, 

what your health history is, what emotions are

tied into your issues & what your 

lifestyle looks like so the right recommendations

can be made without negative interactions.  

And always remember, just because it's

natural, doesn't mean it can't harm!

With the appropriate guidance

you too can incorporate more natural 

healing options into your life.

This highly personalized guidance

 is the reason why so many 

local professionals send people our way

& why so many customers & clients put 

their trust - and their health in my,

and my staff's 

 caring, trained hands.

Come and see the difference 

educated advice

can make in your life.

Come for the Counsel &

Stay for the Community.


Health & Wellness Care Tailored to You-

In Body, Mind & Spirit!

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