Private Parties 
in the
Himalayan Salt Sanctuary
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Tailor a gathering that's perfect for your group!
Looking for a
unique, safe & healthy way to
gather with your friends & loved ones?
4 -12  people can 
can rent the beautiful & relaxing 
Himalayan Salt Sanctuary 2nd Floor Gathering Space
for your own private get- together.  
Your Party can be as basic or as elaborate as you wish!
For a minimum of 3 hour rental, you can reserve the Sanctuary for $250.
Every hour additional is $50 
With either lounging furniture, or zero gravity chairs, the room can be set up as you want.
You are free to bring your own snacks & drinks and we'll provide all the 
disposable plates, cups, napkins & utensils you would need.
Plug in your own music to our soundbar & you can have a perfectly fun  fete!
Want it even more uniquely tailored? 
You can even book
catering, activities 
& live musicians!

For Larger parties of 4-12

Flat Rate Price to Contract a Practitioner for your Party!

1.  Temporary Henna Body Art 
henna party 1.jpg
While the form of body adornment dates back a cool 5,000 years, Mehndi is a form of body art and temporary skin decoration usually drawn on hands or legs, common in the Indian Subcontinent, in which decorative designs are created on a person's body, using a paste, created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant .  These temporary designs can last from 1- 3 weeks. 
2.  Intuitive Oracle Card Readings
We are all here for a purpose!
But sometimes we need an outside perspective & guidance 
on what things you need to consider & perhaps change 
so you can be better aligned with your personal destiny. 
reading party 1.jpg
3.  Aura Photography 
We are all Energy!  Get to see what your color is 
and take home a printout with a guide to what your
personal shade means for where you are at in life.
aura picture for website.jpg
Photos Only
See Your Energy in Action with an Aura Reading.  
Includes Photo

4.  Personalized Scent Blending 

Custom blend based on

how you want to smell, feel

& what intentions you want to set.

Your recipe is kept on file to 

to replicate in the future.

With Crystals & Herbs to deepen 
intention setting.

Activity Options:
1.  Ananga Martin
Her music is reflective of her journey from a young girl growing up in the orange groves and mountains of Southern California, to the soft, lush hills of West Virginia. Her songs are born from her connection to Mother Nature, within and without. She loves to explore the landscape of the heart, dreams, plants, and the sacredness of walking in both light and shadow.

2.  Mary & Eric
Their music is fun and moving. It is an eclectic mix of folk, contemporary, covers, classic rock, Motown, oldies, and originals. The acoustic mood created by this duo will move you to
tap your foot or join in harmony.


3.  Adrian Niles
He's a singer, songwriter, and guitarist who fuses the raw passion
of folk and blues with the force and swagger of rock & roll.

Music Options:
2 hours of live entertainment
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Party room 1.jpg
Party Room 2.jpg
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Mini Parties 222.png
Gypsy Lace Cafe
Charcuterie Grazing Board
Will come with assorted
meats, cheeses, vegetables,
fruit, pickled items, & sweets.
$55 for 2-4
$85 for 6-8
$115 for 10-12
charcuterie party 1.jpg
Options For Fancier Themed 
"Tea Parties" 
1.  Classic Tea (Cream Tea) 
$20 per person

The classic or cream tea is a lighter tea setting. It gets the British term of
Cream tea due to the fact it ismostly tea and scones with clotted cream served.
This tea comes with a pot of tea of your choice and 1 free refill.
Homemade scones served with different toppings of clotted cream, jams, honey, Nutella,
and/or butter to choose from. Cinnamon Roll Bars, and tulip tarts
with a variety of sweet fruit fillings.

2.   Afternoon Tea $
$30 per person

This is a 3-tier course which consists of the bottom tier that offers a medley of miniature tea
sandwiches. The middle tier that consists of mostly scones, and breads. Finally, the top tier which is an
array of different desserts to end your tea on a sweet note.
This tea comes with a pot of tea of your choice and 1 free refill.
The Bottom Tier - Cucumber sandwiches, Gourmet Chicken Salad sandwiches, Smoked Salmon
with crème fraiche or Egg Salad sandwiches.
The Middle Tier- Scones served with sides of clotted cream, a variety of jams,
honey, Nutella, and butter.  Spiced Date bread, and croissants.
The Top Tier- Macarons, Cinnamon Roll bars, and Tulip Tarts with a variety of sweet fruit fillings.

3.   Mad Hatter Tea $
$40 per person

The Mad Hatter tea will make you mad, because we’re all mad here. This tea party is served like an
afternoon tea, but with a more whimsical and bonkers Alice and Wonderland theme to it.
A pot of tea of your choice with one free refill.
The Bottom Tier- Cucumber or Radish tea Sandwiches, Gourmet Chicken Salad sandwiches,
SmokedSalmon with crème fraiche or Egg Salad sandwiches.
The Middle Tier- Scones served with sides of clotted cream, a variety of jams, honey,
Nutella, and butter. Unicorn bread, and croissants.
The Top Tier- Playing card shortbreads, Eat Me Macarons, and Tulip Tarts
*Can also be served with personal Mini Wonky Mad Hatter Cakes for an extra $7 per person.

4.   Turkish Tea -$
$40 per person

A Moroccan mint hot tea will be served first accompanied by the following:
-Fresh Hummus with pita and veggies.
-Mediterranean cous cous salad, Falafel with a tahini yogurt sauce
Turkish coffee will then be brewed on site in a ibrik (a Turkish coffee pot) and served alongside
traditional Middle Eastern cookies, and cakes.
Once the coffee is finished by all guests, a group coffee grounds reading will be done.
End  any Tea Party option with 
Tea Leaf Readings!
Perfect, laid back, snacking experience
to pair with your favorite
wine or cocktails that you're welcome to bring.
Catering Options:
For Mini Parties or Larger Gatherings