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Metaphysical & Salt Services

Walk - In or Appointment

Come & Linger With  Enchanting Community

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For Spiritual Explorers

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Image by Emily Bauman
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By Appointment 

*  Aura Readings *

* Oracle Readings *

* Astro Reports *

Tarot Readings

* Palm Readings *

* Scent Blending *

Aura Pix * Palm Reading
Oracle Reading * astro reports
& Mini Massages

Walk In Saturdays 12-4 for:

Let's go down the rabbit hole together!


When you visit our Sanctuary you’ll experience
the benefits of salt therapy.

In our unique & meditative micro-climate, we provide 45-minute therapeutic & restorative sessions to alleviate symptoms related to allergies, arthritis, respiratory ailments, skin conditions & stress. 

Our salt room offers the opportunity to breathe anti-viral, anti-bacterial, clean air, which promotes overall wellbeing & relaxation.


Astro Reports

Amethyst Biomat

Lie on a mat  of Amethyst Crystals heated to 135 degrees of

Far InfraRed heat.

Soothing, Warming & Deeply Penetrating, this Crystal Heat will  ease your body & soothe your soul.

Limit 2 

So Relaxing!

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  • The personality, talents, and traits of a person

  • Compatibility of friends or romantic partners

  • Your Spiritual Path

  • Karmic and Past Life Reports

  • And more!

$25 per report

Aura Imaging

Come and see what your energy looks like by 

getting a picture of your Aura.

Or make an appointment to get a full reading.

This  unique reading is a live biofeedback video of your Energy.

See in real time how different, crystals, scents, thoughts and people

have an immediate impact on your personal energy field &

your chakra system.

Experience & see the concept of  "We are what we think." & 

"We become who we surround ourselves with."

See Manifestation in Action!

Exact birth time & location are necessary for accuracy!

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Aura Photo


Walk In Saturday Afternoons

Get a mini synopsis
of your Personality
based on your
Aura Colors!  


Aura Reading

Spend 30 minutes experiencing Your Energy in Motion.  
Includes Photo

By Appointment 
Thursdays & Fridays

Aura Package

PHOTO + Reading + 
Extended Printed Report 

By Appointment 
Thursdays & Fridays




Image by Bundo Kim

For over 5,000 years, 

the art of oil & aromatic blending 

has been practiced globally.  

Scents were used for all aspects of life.

From sacred temples, to the home,to person al attraction,

oils have the power to 

create intention, alter moods, & facilitate change.

Carrie's additional knowledge of the energetics of herbs & crystals will deepen & compound any intentions
you wish to set with your 
personal blend.

Your recipe is kept on file for future duplication.

Carrie has been studying & working with oils

for over 2 decades.

Together you and she can custom blend based on

how you want to smell, feel & what

intentions you want to set.


Oracle Card


We are all here for a reason, 

but sometimes we need a little extra help by looking at things

from a different perspective.  

Tap into your own subconscious 

thoughts & gain insight to your

own inner truth!

$25 walk In Mini Readings
On Saturdays

Also available for walk in 

in the downstairs mini Salt Room

Monday & Wednesdays


Want to simply just rent time in the Salt Sanctuary
to hang out & relax?

For 2 hours, you can can kick your shoes off and lounge on our 
comfey furniture, breathe in the Salt, & 
just disengage with the world for a while.
Bring something to sip on to deepen your relaxation.  

Perfect for an intimate evening with friends. 

(Includes No Services)

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Palm Readings

Our bodies have stories to tell.  What are your strengths & weaknesses?  

Discover the tools you were born with so you can lead your best life 

by having your blueprint read

off of your hands 

$25 walk In Mini Readings
On Saturdays

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Tarot Readings

In the Secret Garden Salon


Following a brief cleansing and grounding ritual/meditation, clients will receive a Traditional reading utilizing an initial 5 card spread, with additional pulls from the tarot and at least one oracle deck for clarification.  Reader will offer insights and meaning utilizing intuitive techniques and focusing primarily on one of the following themes, per client request:

-General lifestyle patterns and advice, 

-Love & family, significant relationships, 

-Career, work, and money, 

-Health, wellness, and personal growth.

30 minutes  $ 65

Deep Dive

Based on the Same parameters of the Basic, You and the reader will go much further down the Rabbit hole with Layering in

even more cards to gain a

much deeper insight to more varied

aspects of your life and what you

are looking  to know.  

The additional time allows for 

more conversation, questions & Answers

Further clarification of your 

burning questions.  

60 minutes  $ 100

Enjoy a complimentary cup of herbal tea with your 
extended reading


The Zodiac spread is a prescribed tarot spread, utilizing only the major arcana and court cards, pulling a card for each Zodiac period of an upcoming year.  The spread offers some guidance related to how one might experience themes of life over the upcoming calendar year, as well as the overall tasks, learning and outcome for the individual.  A zodiac spread will include a written report emailed to the client as a PDF or sent through the mail in 3-5 days, so the client can reference information or follow up throughout the year.

30 minutes  $ 65

 Tarot is a divination system that uses a set of 78 cards to gain insight into issues involving

relationships, opportunities, and life changes.

The Tarot deck is over 500 years old. but it's archetype symbols trace back almost 2,000 years,

Tracee is an intuitive tarot reader with a history of psychotherapy practice, skilled in connecting with each individual

or group she reads, and supporting them in opening up to the messages uncovered during the reading.   

The tarot offers an opportunity to receive guidance, explore themes,

& uncover experiences that shine light on our perceptions,

personal goals, even choices & areas of focus in our lives. 

Through readings, see a  screenshot of your current situation and explore what is working, lacking

and where you are possibly headed based on your current energy.

The information revealed by the readings  can help you contemplate ideas and choose your path wisely.

It is time for deeper dive to connect with your higher self and choose the best path possible for yourself.

* Appointments Based on Reader's availability

You may request a written report (*delivered via email as a PDF document or in the mail within 5 days of appointment)
for an additional $15, You're encouraged to further explore the results of the reading to find deeper personal meaning
  Follow up appointments are also encouraged.

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sit and stay.jpg
tea and tarot 666_edited.jpg







Enjoy some of our delicious hot herbal Tea & some light snacks in the 
relaxing, Sacred, space of the Himalayan Salt Sanctuary.  
take turns having a private Oracle or Tarot Card Reading.
Amy does Oracle Readings & Tracee does The Tarot Readings

What's the difference between Oracle cards & Tarot Cards?  Click here to find out: 

* Appointments  Based on Reader's availability

For 2

1.5 hours


For 3 

2 hours


For 4 

2 hours


For 5 

2.5 hours


For 6 

3 hours


What do the stars say about you?

Over 20 pages of deep, personal insight!

Since ancient times, many have believed that the positions
of all the celestial bodies at your exact moment of birth
was a blueprint for many aspects of your
personality, life path, and 
the reason why you are here.  

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