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Healing Arts Centre

Appointments available:
Tuesday Evenings, Thursday & Friday Day & Saturday Morning & Afternoon 

Saturday 1-4 you can walk in for Mini 15 minute
Spot Therapy Massages

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Carrie Eller

LMT, BCTMB,Herbalist, 
Aromatherapist, Aura Reader
Reiki Master & Owner

22+ Years Experience

Elizabeth Wilkinson

LMT, Prenatal Therapist,
Ear Candler.
Reiki Practitioner

19+ Years Experience

We book weeks in advance- so make sure to plan ahead!

​After a combined total of over 40 years

of laying our hands

on thousands of bodies, our skills

have been finely tuned to

read,  feel & intuitively know

exactly what your body & spirit needs

at that present moment. 

Our flesh holds tension & emotions

and we can tune into, soothe,

and help you release the 

load you are carrying around.


In the intimate safety of the healing space,

the sessions are so much more than just

working the muscles. 

Your entire experience 

-from the atmosphere, the energy & the care-

is contrived

to be a  restorative session

for the body, mind & soul.

Coming into the mature years of our practice,

our therapy is evolving  into a more

profound connected space of healing.

We're here to help restore wholeness

one body at a time.  

We combine elements of:

* Swedish *  Trigger Point *  

* Deep Tissue * Reiki *

* Neuromuscular Therapy *  

* Myofascial  Release * Therapeutic Touch *

* Shiatsu Facilitated Stretching

* Sports Massage * Intuition *

* Deep Care *

30  Min Upper Body


Back, Neck, 
Shoulders & Arms


60  Min full Body


Face, Head, Neck, Shoulders,
Upper Chest, Back, Legs & Feet


90  Min full Body


Face, Head, Neck, Shoulders,
Upper Chest, Back, Legs & Feet



With the

flat rate prices,

your Custom  Therapy comes

with the  included options of:

* Aromatherapy *

* Hot Himalayan Salt Stones *

*Amethyst Biomat *

* Reiki *

for us to use at our

intuitive discretion.  

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Prenatal Massage

30  Min 


Liz's Specialty!


Featuring a body cushion so you can safely & comfortably lie face down.

60  Min 


Good for Mamas in their
2nd or 3rd Trimester Only.


pirit Massage


2.5-3 hours
with Carrie

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We are all spirits having a human experience.
And often the direction forward
may seem unclear.

True Spirituality isn't all Rainbows & Butterflies.
Often it can be uncomfortable & messy to
go deep within to confront our own blockages.  
In the Sacred, safe Space of
the Himalayan Salt Sanctuary,
Carrie can help you start your Journey
of addressing your own truths.

Before you ever step foot in the door,
She will spend time in Meditation, &
open to energetically connect
with both Spirit & Your Energy.
Her role is to Channel what messages, imagery or Clues
comes through for you. both before & 
during your 6o minutes of
hands on relaxing massage therapy.

Carrie isn't here to lead the way, but to Illuminate your way.
to help you sift through your
inner stories, history. bLockages & shadows
to allow you to discover your own way!
Your Spirit/Subconscious already knows what to do,
She'll just help you uncover it! 

Before and After the hands on portion,
You will spend time in discussion,
pull some Oracle cards for further clarification & chat over
the rabbit hole you'll be journeying through together. 

It's very important to be truly ready
for a change before
you embark on a Service like this.

It's kinda like therapy - for your Spirit!

Available Thursday & Friday  Afternoons Only

Image by Katherine Hanlon


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Professional foot massage close up. Authentic shot of luxury spa treatment. Charming light


When you just can't

decide which part

of your body

you'd like worked

the most, why not address

the 2 client favorites?


Spend some time giving your
head, neck, shoulders back, feet & calves 
the attention they need & deserve with a 
long, soothing aromatherapy massage.


45 Min/$80

An Amazing
Stress Reliever!




Our feet carry a heavy load! 

And they are chock full of sensitive nerves

 that correspond to areas all over the body.

In a session, 

  pressure is applied & nerves are stimulated

to promotes good health,

balance & relaxation body-wide.

Splurge on a 45 minute session that includes an extended foot & calf massage

with deep heating Himalayan Salt Stones while your

feet get pampered with a salt scrub,

a detoxifying clay mask & wrapped in hot towels.

30 Min/$65

45 Min/$80


EAR CANDELING 2_edited.jpg

Experience a holistic way of relieving ear aches,

sinus pressure & headaches with this

2,500 year old therapy.

A lit wax cylinder placed in the ear will create a vacuum that will help remove excess wax and relieve pressure in the head & sinuses.


Upgrade to the 45 minute session &  the therapist will perform a relaxing & soothing acupressure 

facial, scalp & neck massage to encourage 

sinus drainage & further your relief. 

30 Min/$55

45 Min/$80

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Himalayan Salt

is rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and iron. Gently scrubbing the skin stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces inflammation & cellulite, boosts circulation to improve overall tone & health of your skin.

Hot, steaming towels will soothe and warm as it

dissolves the Salt. 

All this is followed by a Relaxing Hot Salt Stone Aromatherapy Massage

to further your

mineral absorption &

leave you feeling Serene, Smooth & Glowing.

90 min/$150




Salt Sanctuary Upgrade
30 Min  + $10
45 Min  + $15
60 Min  + $20
90 Min  + $25
120 Min  + $30
Add on VibroAcoustic Therapy


~ Solo Combo Deals ~

# 1

30 Minute Upper Body



30 Minute





# 2

60 Minute Full Body



30 Minute





# 3

60 Minute Full Body



30 Minute





# 4

60 Minute Full Body



30 Minute



30 Minute Ear Candling



~ Couple's Services ~

in the Salt Sanctuary

Relaxing * Bonding * Soothing

 Available Only:
Tuesdays 5:00 & 6:30 PM 
Saturdays @  9:00 & 10:30 AM 

Couple's Services fill quickly- be aware we book weeks in advance!

30 Min

Upper Body

This session zeros in on

the upper body areas  where most hold their stress:

Back, Neck, Shoulders & Arms

30 minutes / $150

Full Body Massage 
A synchronized, side by side,tandem service. 

It's intention is to simply relax,
& give a couple to chance to deeply
de-stress & re-set together. 

60 minutes / $222

 Top & Bottom 
Spend some time giving your head, neck, shoulders back, feet & calves the attention they need & deserve with a long, soothing aromatherapy massage.

45 minutes / $175

Ultimate Reflexology 

This session includes an extended

foot & calf massage combined

with deep heating Himalayan Salt Stones.

Deepen the pampering with a salt scrub,

detoxifying clay mask & hot steamy towels!
45 minutes / $175

Couple's Services are for Stress Relief & Relaxation.
If you are in search of deeper therapy, please book an individual Custom Massage.

~ Ready to Schedule? ~

We book weeks in advance- so make sure to plan ahead!

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