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Private Event Policies

My party space is beautifully decorated, 

unique, and comfortable.  

But this space is in both a private business & home.

So, I will outline what boundaries 

that I require to feel comfortable 

welcoming you into my event area 

which is my, my staff's & my family's sacred space.

Use of Space

Add - On Services

Under The Elder Tree

is a Holistic Healing Centre

We strive very hard to 

operate in the highest of energy 

for those who seek our help. 

The frequency & vibration

of the space is something that is worked on daily to keep in an 

optimal state for healing

& personal growth.  

My staff are highly qualified & have been heavily vetted. 

I trust them implicitly 

to both work in my space &

work with the public for their

highest of good. 

All Services must

contracted in house. 

Outside practitioners

are prohibited.


Strangers doing this sort of 

service in my building can 

undermine the finely

balanced energy

of my space.


I, Carrie, will work hand in hand with you to make sure your gathering is precisely what 

hope for.  

I, or one of my staff

will be on hand

to help you set up & get settled in the party space.  

I reside in the apartment upstairs, so I am a text away for any help you may need. 

When your contracted rental time is over, I will be there to help you wrap up and get out the door with ease. 

If you are having too much fun, you are welcome to

add on more time. 

Each additional hour that you request will be $50. 


There are many amazing businesses who cater around the area.  You are free to bring in whatever food/drinks you wish for your event.

Or, if you want deluxe service, we can take care of all your

grazing & snacking needs. 

We have beautiful 

vintage serving dishes & platters and we can make lovely & delicious spreads based on your party's needs. 

Add on an in house blended

Iced Herbal Tea Fountain for

an even more delicious

visual beverage.  

We, however, do not provide

or deal with any alcohol. 

The law requires

that you fully take 

care of that on your own. 

We can make great recommendations for 

sourcing though!

Happy Gatherings

I love to host!  

And I have a desire to take the pressure off of you, so you can relax and 

enjoy your own party too.  

From set up,  providing your snacks, & breakdown,

you can have the most hassle free party available!

Chat with me- and we'll bring your

perfect party to life . 

  ~~ Carrie Eller, LMT, BCTMB, Owner, 

    Under The Elder Tree

   Apothecary & Healing Arts Centre

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