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Exclusive Services

After a combined total of over 40 years

of laying our hands

on thousands of bodies, our skills

have been finely tuned to

read,  feel & intuitively know

exactly what your body & spirit needs

at that present moment. 

Our flesh holds tension & emotions

and we can tune into, soothe,

and help you release the 

load you are carrying around.


In the intimate safety of the healing space,

the sessions are so much more than just

working the muscles. 

Your entire experience 

-from the atmosphere, the energy & the care-

is contrived

to be a  restorative session

for the body, mind & soul.

Coming into the mature years of our practice,

our therapy is evolving  into a more

profound connected space of healing.

We're here to help restore wholeness

one body at a time.  

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