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 Elder Tree


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Visiting Under The Elder Tree is a

whole sensory experience. 

The smells, the sounds, the energy are all part of

the wonder of the visit. 

I've tried to recreate the atmosphere here

to give you

a bit of the ambiance that you

 know and love.


Sit back, brew up a cup of tea,

& stroll through 

my virtual Apothecary.

Browse through all the calming & healing

services I offer &

pick out your favorite 

Elder Tree essentials

to be delivered

right to your door.


Health & Wellness

Tailored to You!

The Great Reset

COVID19 has had a dramatic effect on all of our lives. 

Our society had to abruptly stop. 

And this gave all of us 

time for reflection.  Myself included. 

Lots of changes happened here

at Under The Elder Tree, 

and it looks like many of those

changes will be long term. 

My large staff is gone,

and my grand expansion

ideas have taken a back seat to simply

keeping the doors open.   

Covid forced my business back to bare bones,

& it's merely a small family business again.  

I'm here, still doing most of the massages myself,

& spending the other half of the time running the store.

My daughter helps during retail time & 

my son does work behind the scenes, 

begrudgingly stamping tea bags.  

I have amazing friends who help me out

in exchange for store products.

I am lucky to have such support 

during such a trying time.  

It might not be the monumental growth

that I had set out 

to achieve, but it's much more 

intimate, meaningful & authentic. 

And that is considerably more satisfying. 

My business & my life are intertwined

My children & I live on the 

top floor of this massive 148 year old Victorian. 

When you come in for a session,

you are being welcomed into the

sanctity of my home.   

So be patient and understanding

if you don't get an

immediate response when you contact me.

I'm probably in the massage room, helping others

in the shop or simply having 

dinner with my kids.

My life is Under The Elder Tree.

I'm dedicated to serving others. 

But what this pandemic 

has taught me is that, 

the only people who deserve to be in my life

are those who choose to 

treat me - and by extension -my business,

with Love, Respect & Kindness.

I help others manage stress & set boundaries

in their lives.  Moving forward,

I'm learning to do the same.  

"Love yourself enough to set boundaries

Your time & energy are precious.

You get to choose how you use it.

You teach people how to treat you 

by deciding what you will 

& won't accept."  

Kindness is always the answer.


Retail Hours:

Thursday 3-6 * Friday 1:30-5 * Saturday 12-4

Looking to Schedule?  

Full instructions are found on the Booking page.

What is Under The Elder Tree?

It's a quirky Apothecary &

Healing Arts Centre. 

Filled with Natural Remedies,

various Bodywork Therapies & a Himalayan Salt Room, 

it exists to help guide you on your personal wellness quest.