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Under The


Elder Tree



Healing Arts

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Purveyors of

Fine Organic Herbs * Teas * Remedies * Crystals 
New       Used Books * Candles * Imported Jewelry * Gifts
Botanical * Cottagecore * Dark Academia        Vintage Decor  

        * Various Elements for Leading an Intentional 
       Balanced Life *
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Book a private party in our gorgeous

Himalayan Salt Sanctuary Gathering Space!

Book a Massage or Bodywork Session!

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Located in the Historic Centre Market Shopping District

With amazing food, drinks, shopping, arts &  entertainment, it's more than a district - it's a destination!

2205 Market Street
Wheeling WV

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Visiting Under The Elder Tree is a

whole sensory experience. 

The smells, the sounds, the energy

are all part of

the wonder of the visit. 


Sit back, brew up a cup of tea,

& stroll through 

my virtual Apothecary.

Browse through all the

Unique, calming & healing

services offered &

feel a little of the  magic while

you plan your visit.


Health & Wellness
Tailored to You!

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Deep Winter 2024

Here at Under The Elder Tree,

we tend to follow the natural 

cycle of the seasons.

January & February are a time

when life naturally slows down. 

And so does our schedule here at 

Under The Elder Tree

The crisp winter air makes us all 

want to stay home, warm & cozy.

is a time for rest & introspection,

studying & dreaming.

It's the perfect period to envision

what we will look like

when we awaken with the Earth. 

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Welcome to 
Under The Elder Tree

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Retail Hours:

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January -February Hours



Sun- Tues


Therapy Hours:

Tuesday- Saturday 
by Appointment
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What is Under The Elder Tree?

This Vintage Inspired,

Slightly Curious & Quirky Shoppe

Is Filled with Natural Remedies,

Massage Therapies, Books, Crystals,

Sundries, Gifts, Vintage Decor

& An Amazing

 Himalayan Salt Sanctuary.

Come Experience Our Beautifully

Odoriferous, Charming,

Relaxing & Faintly Magical Atmosphere.

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