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Come Learn & Practice Together

Class Registrations

Come join us in the Himalayan Salt Sanctuary 
where the limited space & added anti-viral & pro-lung health 
benefits of the salt filled air will
help us feel confident gathering together again


If a Class is available, it will list
a date & a link to book.
No date/link = not currently scheduled

Mudra, Mantra & Meditation
for Inner Nourishment

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This 90 minute workshop is an exploration of a variety of tools used in the art of meditation.  Mudra, Mantra and other techniques are used to nourish Prana energy, support maneuvering the mind while cultivating a deeper connection with self, spirit and the world. We will have time for theory, reference various yogic texts, discussion, reflection and most importantly experiential practice. 


Often there is little to no exposure to subtler internal yoga practices in a modern yoga class. Or it is taught with no context on their function, power, when or why to use them. This workshop will focus on a deeper understanding of these ancient techniques of filtering (Prana) energy, giving it direction and avoiding a leak.  Learn the science, theory and dispel myths while exploring variations among spiritual traditions with cultural awareness.  Learn how to integrate these tools meant to nurture and support not only a yoga practice but your mind/body/spiritual connection in everyday life.


What we will cover:  

  • A basic understanding of the meditation tools of mantra, mudra, mandala  and mala beads 

  •  Theory, science & subtle anatomy based on Nadis/Cakra model

  •  Debunk myths and misconceptions

  •  Discussion on Philosophy, spiritual traditions and cultural appropriation

  •  Pre-practices, seasonal and technical considerations

  •  How to integrate into everyday practice(Sadhana) and everyday life 

  •  Time for experiential practice of simple yet powerful mantra and mudra 

  •  Time for reflection  

After brief explanation of each topic and pre-practices you are invited to explore the greater subtle dimensions of your being with a guided experiential meditation practice using the tools of mudra and mantra. 

This is for anyone seeking to explore, expand or deepen their understanding of the power of mudra, mantra and other meditation tools.

*This is a non-asana centered class but some adaptable movements will be offered as a preparatory practice. Please wear comfortable, loose clothing that does not restrict the flow of energy in your body. Also suggested to refrain from caffeine and heavy food two hours before the workshop as this may affect the level of the depth of the practice.

*  Pre Payment Is Required  To Hold Your Space.
*   48 hours notice of cancellation required for refund
*  If you are symptomatic or + make certain to contact         the business!
*  Masks not required, but encouraged in the common           areas outside of the Sanctuary..     

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