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Unique Services & Activities

Walk - In or Appointment

Come & Linger With  Enchanting Community

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For Spiritual Explorers

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Image by Emily Bauman
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*  Aura Readings *

* Card Readings *

* Astro Reports *

*  20 Min Mini Massage *

* Zero Gravity *

* Scent Blending *

Let's go down the rabbit hole together!


When you visit our Sanctuary you’ll experience
the benefits of salt therapy.

In our unique & meditative micro-climate, we provide 45-minute therapeutic & restorative sessions to alleviate symptoms related to allergies, arthritis, respiratory ailments, skin conditions & stress. 

Our salt room offers the opportunity to breathe anti-viral, anti-bacterial, clean air, which promotes overall wellbeing & relaxation.


Astro Reports

Zero Gravity

Amethyst Biomat

Recline back in a zero gravity chair

& breathe in the Himalayan Salt being blown though the air1

You will be relaxed, de-stresed & your breathing will be eased.

Limit of 6

So Tranquil!

Lie on a mat  of Amethyst Crystals heated to 135 degrees of

Far InfraRed heat.

Soothing, Warming & Deeply Penetrating, this Crystal Heat will  ease your body & soothe your soul.

Limit 2 

So Relaxing!

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  • The personality, talents, and traits of a person

  • Compatibility of friends or romantic partners

  • Your Spiritual Path

  • Karmic and Past Life Reports

  • And more!

$25 per report

Aura Imaging

Both are available by appointment on
Friday & Saturday afternoons

Come and see what your energy looks like by 

getting a picture of your Aura.

Or make an appointment to get a full reading.

This  unique reading is a live biofeedback video of your Energy.

See in real time how different, crystals, scents, thoughts and people

have an immediate impact on your personal energy field &

your chakra system.

Experience & see the concept of  "We are what we think." & 

"We become who we surround ourselves with."

See Manifestation in Action!

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Exact birth time & location are necessary for accuracy!

Spend 30 minutes experiencing Your Energy in Motion.  
Includes Photo Printout

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Photo Only

Aura Reading

Aura Photo

Reading + 
Extented Printed Report 


Aura Package

Walk in!

Walk In or

By Appointment 

By Appointment 


Natural henna has been used as a body adornment on hair, skin and nails for over 9,000 years! Earliest records show it's use in Egypt, the Arabian Peninsula, Persia & the Middle East as well as India and even into

Europe & Northern Asia.

Today it's a fun way to adorn yourself with temporary, beautiful 

designs & intentional symbols.

As Henna lasts at most 2 weeks, it's a short term way to

express yourself through body art without a long term commitment!

Henna Back Tattoo

Designs range from:
$5 - $25

Saturdays only when Katrina 
isn't away working a festival!

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We are all here for a reason, 

but sometimes we need a little extra help by looking at things

from a different perspective.  

Tap into your own subconscious 

thoughts & gain insight to your

own inner truth!

$25 walk In Mini Readings


Want your own signature scent?

Together you and Carrie can

custom blend based on

how you want to 

smell, feel & what 

intentions you want to set.

Your recipe is kept on file to 

to replicate in the future.

With Crystals & Herbs to deepen 
intention setting:

Personalized Blends.png

Available activities:

Aura Photography Readings
Oracle Card Readings
Personalized Scent Blending
Chair Massage

How does a small party sound? 
2 or 3 of you can book 2-4 of our our
unique activities and have the
magical place to yourself!

Lounge together in the Salt Sanctuary while 
you take turns having 1 on 1 sessions of your choosing with Carrie. the owner.
Enjoy light refreshments and end your little party with 15 minutes of
private shopping time in the store.

Mini Parties

Pick 2:

2 Hours   $ 200

Pick 3:

3 Hours  $ 300

Pick 4:

4 Hours   $ 400

Send a message to get your party booked!

Available Outside of  Retail hours
7 days a week



20 Minute

Walk in on Friday or Saturday Afternoons for a compact service that focuses on the stress areas of neck, shoulders & back. 

   $ 40

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Solo Journies

Take a private journey though our more metaphysical services.
Enjoy Carrie's undivided attiontion for multiple hours while you delve deeper into understanding yourself & your spiritual path.  

sit and stay.jpg

# 1

The stroll

Aura Reading with Photo

Oracle Card Reading with Multi Decks

or Personal Intention Scent Blend

45 min Zero Gravity Session

Appx 1.5 Hours   $ 150

# 2

The Voyage

Appx 2.5 Hours   $ 225

Aura Reading & with Photo

Oracle Card Reading with Multi Decks

or Personal Intention Scent Blend

30 min Upper Body Massage

on the Amethyst Biomat 

in the Salt Sanctuary

20 extra minutes on the Biomat

The pilgrimage

# 3

Appx 3 Hours   $ 300

Aura Reading & Extended Report

Oracle Card Reading with Multi Decks

Personal Intention Scent Blend

\60 min Massage on the

Amethyst Biomat

in the Salt Sanctuary

30 extra minutes on the Biomat

All Personal Journeies come with private shopping time!

2.5 hours
with Carrie

pirit Massage



We are all spirits having a human experience.

There comes a time in life when we are ready to 
Spiritually level up &the direction forward may seem unclear.

True Spirituality isn't all Rainbows & Butterflies.
Often it can be uncomfortable & messy to
go deep within to confront our own blockages.  

In the Sacred, safe Space of the Himalayan Salt Sanctuary,
Carrie can help you start your Journey 
of addressing your own truths.
She will open to energetically connect with both Spirit & Your Energy.
Her role is to see what clues. messages or imagery
comes through for you. both before & during your 6o minutes of
hands on relaxing massage therapy.

Carrie isn't here to show you the way, but to help you sift through your inner stories, history. bLockages & shadows to
allow you to discover your own way!
Your Spirit/Subconscious
already knows what to do,

She'll just help you uncover it!  

Before and After the hands on portion, You will spend time in discussion,
pull some Oracle cards for further clarification & chat over
the rabbit hole you'll be journeying through together. 

It's very important to be truly ready
for a change before you embark on a Service like this.

It's kinda like therapy - for your Spirit!


What do the stars say about you?

Over 20 pages of deep, personal insight!

Since ancient times, many have believed that the positions
of all the celestial bodies at your exact moment of birth
was a blueprint for many aspects of your
personality, life path, and 
the reason why you are here.  

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