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Healing Arts Centre



in our ambient

Your Healing Is Our Calling


Escape to a Healing Space Like No Other!

Having your body worked on is just half the battle on your quest for Relaxation.
Here, the space in which you get your therapy is an immersive, sensory experience. 
When you walk though the door your senses are engaged. 
The sight, sounds, smell & energy allow you to detach & leave your own world behind and just 
completely float away in a fantastic realm of Soothing Serenity. 
With multiple different themed chambers,
each with their own vibe and concept, 
your therapy will be your escape.


Take a retreat without ever leaving town!

Each of our Therapy Rooms are layered with
healing elements.

Both rooms come with :
Himalayan Salt Walls  *  Salt Generators * Far Infrared Heated Amethyst Biomats
And all solo customized therapies come with the addition of Hot Himalayan Salt Stones

However, each space has it's own unique upgraded perks to choose from.  
The Sanctuary will get you far more salt  content & Mesmerizing Fiberoptic twinkling skies.
In the Terracotta retreat, you can upgrade your service with 
Vibroacoustic Therapy which allows the vibrations of the music to flow through the 
massage table into your body for an even deeper, more primal , form of healing. 


Our Service are in high demand- please be aware that we generally
book a couple weeks in advance.  Plan Ahead!

salt agony.jpg

The Salt Sanctuary

2nd Floor

Imagine You're in an old chapel,
lying on the warm Biomat. 
You're surrounded by soothing, glowing crumbling salt bricks & The  Remnants of medieval
stained glass windows.
The roof has long crumbled away
to reveal the  twinkling 

starry night sky above.
You sink deeper into relaxation 
as soothing tones & tinkling water fill the air along with the healing salt being ground and blown in for you to breathe.

This Upgraded Retreat space
melds together the foundation
of a sacred edifice that's opened to reveal the vastness of the universe. 

Earthly Sacred &
Heavenly Divine &

Supremely relaxing.


relax massage.jpg

The Terracotta Retreat

This serene chamber,
located on our main floor,
is fully accessible. 

In this intimate
Spanish styled Den,
Drift away surrounded by
Warm Glowing Terracotta tones 

surrounded by flickering 
candles mounted on the
surrounding walls

This chamber is our
main default, Hydraulic Table massage room.
It too has  the salt & water features that the Sanctuary 
has but on a smaller, 
more pocket sized scale.

Upgrade your experience here
with Vibroacoustic Therapy.
Through the massage table &
Biomat, you will feel the 
deep, resonant vibrations
of the low Frequency music 
throughout your entire body.
These frequencies 
with further relax you 
and deepen the 
healing of your massage.


1st Floor

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