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Consult with Reiki Master and Holistic wellness practitioner, Carrie so she can create the perfect Power scent for you.  

Tell Carrie your issues, your feelings, what scents you like , how you'd like to feel, what situation you'd like to address & what your intention is with your scent.  Carrie will ask lots of pertinent questions to formulate exactly what direction she will go in with your personalized roller.  

Never underestimate the power of telling your story and having it heard! It's the an amazing first 

step to making a change happen.  You will discuss your past and how it's effecing you presently and how you want your story to evolve moving forward.  What intention do you want to set?  

Together you will blend up the scent so it perfect for you. 

She will then intuitively pick out just the right crystals to infuse into your roller.  After they are combined, the roller will then spend time in the Himalayan Salt Sanctuary being both cleared and energized in the Negative Ions. 

Then Carrie will infuse it with both Reiki healing energy & bathe it in the frequencies & vibrations of crystal singing bowls that correspond with the chakra(s) your roller resonates with.  

When it is ready, you will be shipped your personalized power roller in a gift box along with a beautiful print out of everything that went into it and why they were specifically chosen for you alone.  

Take charge of your energy!


This is an extremely personalized product & service that can't be found anywhere else!

Personalized Power Roller

  • After Purchasing, direct message the business- either through the message feature on this site, through FB or email - to get your appointment set up.

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