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Bodywork Therapies

Customized Massage


Head Massage

No 2 bodies are alike! 

And neither should your therapy be.

We tailor each session to your

personal preferences &

your body's present needs.  

Your customized session combines elements of: 

Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue,

Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release,

Shiatsu,  Facilitated Stretching,  

& Sports Massage.


Our  flat rate intuitive bodywork comes with the  included options of:

* Aromatherapy * Hot Himalayan Salt Stones *

* Chilled Marble Stones * Spot Vacuuming Cupping * 

for the therapist to use at their intuitive discretion.  

After the COVID19 issue, all therapies now come with the 

Hot Amethyst Biomat to  increase body temperature and

aid your body in killing off invading pathogens.

30 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

120 Minutes


Senior Therapists





Get some quick pointed 

upper body  therapy 

in an ergonomic Massage Therapy Chair.  

Perfect for those on a time or money budget!


Often available as 

a Walk - in Service

Wed- Sat

(based on availability)

This Flat rate service is a quick way to get 

some much needed spot Therapy in.  

10 minutes

15 Minutes

20 Minutes

25 Minutes


Salt Sanctuary


Head Massage

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Heading 4

30 Minutes

30 Minutes

30 Minutes

Heading 3


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